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Shimmering Elegance: Discover our 18kt Polki Emerald Chain Pendant


“Adorn yourself in opulence with our 18kt Polki Emerald Chain Pendant, a harmonious blend of tradition and luxury. Handcrafted to perfection, this pendant features exquisite Polki diamonds and vibrant emeralds set in an intricate 18kt gold chain. Each piece tells a story of heritage and elegance, making it a striking accessory for special events. Elevate your style with this masterpiece, capturing the allure of Polki diamonds and the richness of emeralds. Make a statement with this timeless pendant, reflecting your impeccable taste and sophistication.”

  • Gross weight 31.030gm
  • Net weight 19.086gm
  • Diamond 2.85ct
  • Polki 4.50ct

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